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Free Radical Ansible supports new CSP URLs

The Free Radical Ansible repo commit 5d91a34 now supports both pre-Mastodon 2.1 and Mastodon 2.1+ S3 media URLs in CSP headers.

Ansible makes Docker faster; fixes certbot renew error

The Free Radical Ansible repo commit 76a0107 fixes two problems: Docker uses aufs instead of overlayfs because overlayfs is ridiculously slow during an important container startup step Sets the root directory for HTTP connections so that certbot renew cron jobs complete successfully

Why I've automated deployments

Free Radical is running on a Digital Ocean VPS. Instead of deploying it manually, I turned the process into a couple of Ansible playbooks1 that do the right things quickly and repeatably.

I describe what it does in the README, but that’s just a feature checklist. So why would I go through the effort? There are several reasons: