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Bring a friend. Bring two!

Do you know a cool person looking for a home in the fediverse? Invite them to join us here on Free Radical! Registrations are closed to the general public, but that’s for cultural reasons, not capacity. We have plenty of room to spare. All FRZ users can create invitation links to share with friends. Please just don’t create an unlimited link and share it with the world at large.

Happy one thousand users!

Free Radical’s 1000th user joined today. Thanks to everyone who’s helped make this project fun, interesting, and fulfilling. Much love to all!


Free Radical celebrates its 200th verified user. The victory parade was well attended.

Market-leading growth

Our user base has grown by 24% since yesterday, and at this rate we should have 100,000 users a month from now. I’m in talks with venture capitalists.


I launched the Free Radical Mastodon instance on Friday, April 7, 2017. It was approximately the 250th instance in the fediverse and there were about 100,000 users. Today, 6 days later, there are 613 instances and 222,814 users. Make that 223,021. No, 223,050.

We are growing like wildfire.