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2023-08-03 outage

At 2:53AM Pacific, our normally rock solid Internet connection went down for 10 minutes. When it came back up at 3:03AM, that should’ve been the end of it. It wasn’t. Short version: I had to reboot the firewall, then everything was fine. Longer version: Wake up at 7-something. Yawn, stretch, pet the dog, look to see what happened online overnight. Dang it, FRZ’s down. Check email. See an email from a moderator from an hour earlier: hey, the site’s down!

Upgrading to 4.1.3

We’re updating the site to the new urgent security release v4.1.3. We may be offline or wonky for a few minutes at a time through the promise. Be back soon!

Outage 2023-06-27

An urgent-ish software update has us down for maybe 20 minutes or so.

Look here for status updates

When Free Radical is down, I don’t have a great way to communicate that, because… the site’s down. In the future, I’ll post updates here, tagged with “status”. There are a few ways to access this: Visit Visit Subscribe to an RSS feed of that tag at I try not to have the site down for extended periods, but things happen. And when they do, here’s where you can find out about them.