Skip 'Mastodon for iPhone'

Sometimes a creator loses touch with how people use their creation. I worry that Eugen Rochko has found himself in a bubble and doesn’t understand why the rest of us like Mastodon. Eugen and friends released the new official Mastodon for iPhone app, and users noticed that it doesn’t show local or federated timelines. He responded: The omission is intentional and I do not intend to add these types of timelines into the app.

Not accepting Tutanota email for accounts

I’ve blocked signing up for FRZ accounts with Tutanota email addresses. The service itself is fine, but it seems to be aggressive about deleting unused addresses. As a practical matter, this has led to a lot bouncing notifications, users getting locked out of their accounts when they can’t reset their passwords, and other technical issues.

Upgraded to 3.4.1

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.4.1.

Upgraded to 3.4.0

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.4.0.

Happy fourth anniversary!

Free Radical was born 4 years ago today. Thank you so much to all my friends who’ve made this such a fun and rewarding project! Each of you has brightened my world a little in your own way.

Upgraded to 3.3.0

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.3.0.

Upgraded to 3.2.2

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.2.2.

Upgraded to 3.2.1

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.2.1.

Less power to the people

In my 9 years in this city up until now, we’d lost power once. And now, in the last month, we’ve had three outages for completely unrelated reasons. Our lights went off about 3 hours ago and we don’t know when they’ll have the busted transformer to our part of the city fixed. Until then, Free Radical’s database server (and its Internet connection) will be offline. Sorry, gang – I don’t have the budget right now for a many-hour battery backup.

Upgraded to 3.2.0

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.2.0.