Database upgrades are (finally) done

Today I set out to migrate Free Radical’s database from a small, disk-limited server running on the same host as the FR application server to a vastly beefier system. This should make larger database operations a lot faster, and backup processes won’t bog down the system anymore. It also frees up a lot of RAM, CPU, and disk toward running the Mastodon services. I apologize for the longer than expected downtime.

Release mastools 0.2.0

mastools v0.2.0 is now available. It adds a new mastools show-unconfirmed-users command, along with a model for the users table. More info is at .

Upgraded to v3.0.1

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.0.1.

Upgraded to v3.0.0

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.0.0.

Suspended was spamming dozens of users with thousands of follows. As it seems that there’s nothing of value on that instance, I suspended it.

Upgraded to v2.9.3

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v2.9.3.


I’m suspending the instance. Their public timeline is full of literal Nazi content, pedophilia advocacy, and aggressive trolling. I’d put this off because I hoped it wouldn’t be needed, but there you go.

New GitHub organization

The GitHub content that used to be hosted under is now at, in separate repos for Ansible, scripts, and content.


The domain seems to be a ghost ship that is intent on DoSing users by sending them a million follow notices. I’ve suspended them.

Disconnecting from Gab

Due to overwhelming feedback from our users, Free Radical is suspending connections to and its affiliates. If there is content there that you wish to see, please consider creating an account directly on their instance.