Switching to invitation-only

In the interest of curtailing spammer signups and developing a more personal community, we’re at least temporarily switching to an invitation-only membership model. If you would like to create an account on this instance, or if you’re already a member here but would like to invite a friend, send a direct message to @tek@freeradical.zone.

Upgraded to 3.1.5

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.1.5.

Upgraded to 3.1.4

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.1.4.

I fought PostgreSQL (and eventually won)

We had severeral hours of downtime yesterday because of a “fun” PostgreSQL problem (see Beware of your next glibc upgrade for details). Short version: because there are lots of ways to encode text, and they can change subtly when you upgrade your OS, some of your unique database keys may end up being not so unique. This resulted in quite a few Mastodon tables having duplicate rows, despite having unique indexes.

Happy third anniversary!

Happy (slightly belated) anniversary to all Free Radical users and friends. It’s been a fun time, and here’s to many more!

Upgraded to v3.1.3

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.1.3.

New junk medical advice policy

Quick, temporary policy update: Effective immediately, medical advice regarding COVID-19 not sourced from legitimate scientific or medical outlets is forbidden content. If you see someone advocating essential oils or colloidal silver or other junk quackery, please report it. This is not a free speech zone. Misinformation that makes people dead is not “oh well we all have opinions”.

Suspended sneak.berlin

The sneak.berlin instance is a small or single-user instance operated by a software author who writes hostile instance-scraping bots. On the web page for that software, in the ironically named “ethics statement”, he writes: Publishing your toots/messages on a server without marking them private or requiring authentication and thus making them available to the web is an act of affirmative consent to allowing others to download those toots/messages (usually by viewing them in a browser on your profile page).

Suspended search.fedi.app

The search.fedi.app instance seems to be designed around following Mastodon users and indexing their content. No thanks.

Upgraded to v3.1.2

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v3.1.2.