Upgraded to 4.1.3

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v4.1.3.

Upgrading to 4.1.3

We’re updating the site to the new urgent security release v4.1.3. We may be offline or wonky for a few minutes at a time through the promise. Be back soon!

Outage 2023-06-27

An urgent-ish software update has us down for maybe 20 minutes or so.

Bring a friend. Bring two!

Do you know a cool person looking for a home in the fediverse? Invite them to join us here on Free Radical! Registrations are closed to the general public, but that’s for cultural reasons, not capacity. We have plenty of room to spare. All FRZ users can create invitation links to share with friends. Please just don’t create an unlimited link and share it with the world at large.

We will block Facebook

I’ve signed the pact to block any instances owned by Facebook and related organizations that join the fediverse. At the start of this conversation I wanted to take a “wait and see” approach. I posted a poll asking Free Radical users whether we should block Facebook immediately, shared my thoughts, and opened the door for input. Wow, did I ever get it. I’m a straight white middle class cis man. While I dislike Facebook, I don’t personally fear it.

Look here for status updates

When Free Radical is down, I don’t have a great way to communicate that, because… the site’s down. In the future, I’ll post updates here, tagged with “status”. There are a few ways to access this: Visit https://blog.freeradical.zone/tags/status/ Visit https://status.freeradical.zone/ Subscribe to an RSS feed of that tag at https://blog.freeradical.zone/tags/status/index.xml I try not to have the site down for extended periods, but things happen. And when they do, here’s where you can find out about them.

Free Radical theme

ChatGPT prompt: “Write a theme song for a Mastodon server called Free Radical, which exists to help marginalized people find a welcome and safe home on the Internet.” Verse 1: Welcome to Free Radical where we open up our doors To those who’ve been excluded, who’ve been left out and ignored Our servers are a safe space where everyone can be A part of something greater, a community that’s free

Upgraded to 4.1.2

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v4.1.2.

Upgraded to 4.1.1

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v4.1.1.

We will not join the United Federation of Instances

The United Federation of Instances is a bad idea, and Free Radical will not participate. The “UFoI” is an organization of fediverse instances making a compact: if an instance enters the compact, and they abide by the group’s Code of Ethics, then all members of the group promise not to disconnect from or block that instance. If one instance believes that another is violating that Code of Ethics, then they can present evidence to the elected board of the group.