We’re here for you and for good

I’ve had a hard time going cold turkey with birdsite but it gets easier by the day. I still think of it as the early service that was new and different and exciting and wasn’t being used as a machine for spreading hate. I need to break that habit, but it’s hard. This morning I drank deeply of that cesspool and was shocked at how horrible it is. Was it always that bad and I was just used to it, or has it taken a recent and sharp turn for the worse?

Upgraded to v2.0.0

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v2.0.0.


Free Radical celebrates its 200th verified user. The victory parade was well attended.

Upgraded to v1.6.1

Free Radical is now on Mastodon v1.6.1.

Ansible makes Docker faster; fixes certbot renew error

The Free Radical Ansible repo commit 76a0107 fixes two problems: Docker uses aufs instead of overlayfs because overlayfs is ridiculously slow during an important container startup step Sets the root directory for HTTP connections so that certbot renew cron jobs complete successfully

Welcome to my living room

Several times I’ve compared this instance to my living room. I think that’s a powerful and accurate analogy and I’d like to explain what I mean by that.

Even if no one else came around, I’d still have my home and my living room. It’d be boring and quiet, though! I’d much rather be surrounded by friends, and if you’re in my house, I assume that you’re my friend. I’m glad you’re here and want you to have a nice time! I also imagine that we’re in an apartment complex, surrounded by other people who also have living rooms and have invited friends over.

Unexpected outage

The server was down from about July 5, 2017 11:30AM PDT to about July 6 8:15AM PDT. I rushed off an apt-get update and didn’t check its results before rushing off to something else. Sorry for any inconvenience! I’ve set up monitoring with Uptime Robot to notify me about any future outages so you won’t be sitting in the dark.

The Brand Comes Around

Mastodon is our nice little safe haven away from the rest of the world. No one wants to see it packed with ad content, so we’ve all put things like “no commercial stuff!” in our site descriptions and patted ourselves on the backs.

When companies discover Mastodon and come calling, none of that is going to help one bit.

Milestone: 100!

On June 18, 2017 – a little over two months after launch – Free Radical got its 100th verified user. Onward and upward! I made a celebratory baked potato, but since no one showed up to share it, I ate it myself.

Market-leading growth

Our user base has grown by 24% since yesterday, and at this rate we should have 100,000 users a month from now. I’m in talks with venture capitalists.